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SCO place to grow.

I've always found solace and inspiration in the wilderness, cherishing every moment spent amidst nature's embrace. My relationship with the outdoors has evolved over the years, shaping the person I am today. Through this blog, I'm eager to share tales of fishing escapades, epic encounters with wildlife across Canada, and the profound influence nature has had on my journey of self-discovery.

As I navigated the uncertain waters of career choices, grappling with questions of identity and purpose, my upbringing in a small Northern Ontario town anchored me to the natural world. However, it wasn't until later in life that I realized how profoundly those early experiences would influence my path.

My paternal grandfather, an avid angler, regaled me with tales of his adventures on Lake Superior, painting vivid pictures of stormy waters and remarkable catches.  His ability to encapsulate my wildest dreams play out as he rocked me with his foot in his overturned ottoman eventually ending in me spilling out onto the living room floor swimming for safety.

Meanwhile, my maternal grandmother, a talented artist, captured the essence of these stories through her oil paintings, instilling in me a deep appreciation for both the beauty and the thrill of outdoor exploration.

These formative years laid the groundwork for my eventual career as a Conservation Officer, Park Superintendent, and now, the owner of Superior Coast Outfitters Ltd. At Superior Coast Outfitters we’re curating our store to be a place to share, a place to grow and learn. In the walls of our store we unpack life, angling techniques and tales of the big one that got away. Shaped by our past we’re here to serve our community, to set anglers off to seek their own stories, to find new adventures and entrench lifelong memories that shape your future.

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